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WAY TO HEFTY FOR ME!!! That has never happened to me...

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Running time: 9:09 Minutes

I just came with a buddy from a horny party and we were both so hot on each other that we just wanted to do it wildly together. I even offered to do things he had never done before. When I sucked his cock, I took him deep into the throat and he began to fuck me in the mouth. Then I knelt down and showed him my naked pussy. He pushed his cock in and I asked him to do that with me, which he always wanted. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and rammed him hard and deep into the hole again. He started to fuck me hard and I enjoyed being used by him. When he really had banged my pussy and shot a load of cum in my cunt, I sucked again deepthroat his cock. Then he held my head and emptied his balls into my mouth. Unbelievable how much cum there came out of him. My Blow-Mouth was completely filled with cum and then it happened ... That's really never happened to me.

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kanzler wrote 1 Monat ago:

Schluckauf vor zuviel Wichse, sehr geil.;)

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