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To badass? His Wife on the Phone while he bangs me

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Running time: 7:10 Minutes

This was mega cheeky and really sketchy of me. My friend Susi has a new boyfriend since a while and I know that she could be really jealously. When she sent him today to bring my shoes back I was A little surprised. But I used the situation to test if he is faithful to her. One grab on his dick and I got my expected answer. But since he was ready to cheat her I took the opportunity for my pleasure. So I took his dick out and blew him horny and suddenly Susi called me. With dick in the mouth I tried to fob her off. He liked my white shiny SlinkyStylez Leggingsand when he pulled them from my ass he only wanted to fuck my cunt. He started banging me and my phone rings again. While he fucked me nice and deep I tried to convince her that we are doing nothing. When he then drilled his dick really deep in my cunt to shoot his jizz into she called again. So I calmed her down as good as I could while he filled up my cunt properly. Did I went to far this time?

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Comments (28)

starlightdarkmatter wrote 9 Monate ago:

Damn that sexy squeak sound of your leggings is so hot! Definitely the best way to get you a pussy full of cum!, 😍😋❤️

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe nice that you like it :)

charonsixx wrote 10 Monate ago:

I forgot to type. I never knew white could be so sexy and innocent at the same time. Until i saw this clip. Its almost like you make these clips for me! 😉

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe white can be very sexy 😉

eno89 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

Tolles Outfit, sexy Clip

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hihi danke :)

smille wrote 1 Jahr ago:

This outfit is very sexy. White suits you so much and not only on your face :-) great story and I love how you try that she does not recognize what you are doing.

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe thank you :)

micha40 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

na das nenn ich doch mal krass

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe :)

bube1984 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

krass das deine Freundin dabei nix bemerkt hat

Reply from Laila-Banx:
joah umso besser für mich :D

klausi wrote 1 Jahr ago:

das ist aber eine sehr heisse Leggings die du da an hast

Reply from Laila-Banx:
oh danke :)

kleistergeist7764 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

mit dir würde ich meine Frau auch gern einmal betrügen

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe du Schelm :)

Bumsbirne wrote 1 Jahr ago:

wie geil ist das denn :)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hihi danke :)

lutsch-mal23x6 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

sehr heisses Video Süße :)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
danke dir :)

jordi wrote 1 Jahr ago:

sehr geil, bei dir könnte ich auch nicht treu sein

Reply from Laila-Banx:
oha, na du bist mir ja einer :)
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