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Running time: 7:00 Minutes

I was just watching TV with a buddy, suddenly I was overcome by the horniness. When he noticed that I was caressing, he asked if he could not join. I just did not take a pill, but when I told him that, he was even hornier to fuck me. A little risk and thrill is already quite cool, so I let myself on it. I started to blow his thick cock pretty deep and my cunt was really wet. Then I lay down in front of him and he sank his boner deep inside me. We fucked really hard around and when he got me doggy, we both came at the same time. Unprotected he pumped me a big load of cum in the hole. I let the creampie run out pretty slowly, but of course the risk of getting pregnant is there.

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kanzler wrote 3 Wochen ago:

Vor geilheit geht man schon mal ein Risiko ein.:)

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