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Needy Daddy! Teeny-Cunt flooded unrestrained

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Running time: 6:28 Minutes

I was about putting my clothes into the wardrobe when suddenly the fucker of my Mom stood behind me. Right at his glance I could see that he was totally horny. Without hesitation he grabbed for my butt, pulled my dress up and recognized that I am not wearing underwear. The thought to fuck with him behind the back of my Mom made me extremely horny. When he played with my pussy I got wet and I grabbed for his dick. I was already hard for lots of lust and I took him in my mouth to blow him. Then I bent over the sideboard and he shoved the hard boner really deep into my wet horny coochie. After that I layed down on the sideboard and he fucked me like a wild bull into my tight Teeny Bang-Hole. Then I tasted of my pussy juice while I was sucking his dick. Again he banged me hard from behind and when we both came hefty he shots the whole load deep into my cunt. Wonderful how he emptied his ball inside of my and even hotter that my Mom doesn´t know anything about it.

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flagmaster wrote 1 Woche ago:

was ein geiler leckerbissen :) da hätte ich sofort dir meinen schnwanz reingesteckt ;) das outfit tut dazu noch geil beitragen ;)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
danke danke, das freut mich zu lesen :)

smille wrote 1 Woche ago:

Oh sexy girl you are so hot. I really love your cunt. She looks sp beautiful. Hope to see you soon in a rough clip again :-)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
I think you will :)

kanzler wrote 2 Wochen ago:

Böser " Daddy", der kann doch nicht einfach in dein Fötzchen spritzen. Aber es sieht geil aus wie der Saft raus läuft.:)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
echt mal, hat er aber einfach gemacht :D
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