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Running time: 8:00 Minutes

I had a really hot fuck last night and then put myself on the sofa to relax a little. Suddenly I felt like someone grabbed my pussy. It was Daddy and he was angry because he could not sleep because of my groaning. I think so, he was jealous because I could fuck horny and he can´t. He wanted to do it to me now, but I did not really care for him. He pulled me from the sofa and stuffed his hard cock in my mouth. Deepthroat he let himself be satisfied by me and fucked repeatedly in my throat. Then he threw me on the sofa, squeezed my legs apart and fumbled through the pantyhose on my cunt. He took off my pantyhose and rammed his strap deep into my pussy. He fucked me hard and deep and I was always horny. When he turned me around and nailed me extremely hard doggy it came over me so violently that I screamed extremely loud to orgasm and collapsed. Then he pulled me on the floor to stuff his cock again in my mouth, until the cum shot out of him and completely pasted my face.

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kanzler wrote 1 Monat ago:

Ja danke für den fick. Man möchte dich am liebsten vollspritzen.:)

crazyangelika wrote 1 Monat ago:

Es ist immer wieder eine Wonne zu sehen, wie Dein hübsches Gesicht so geil vollgespritzt wird. Bitte weiter so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danke an Euch!

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