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Running time: 10:24 Minutes

When I came unaware of my room, I was totally shocked what I saw in the living room. Two masked types rummaged in the cupboards to find a camera with which my father must have seemingly taken her last back door deal. Before I could somehow call for help, one of the guys grabbed me, gave me a slap in the face and threw me on the couch. He took out his cock and immediately stuffed it hard into my pussy. He pulled me to the ground and fucked me brutally in the throat. After that my pussy was back at of the series, in which he then violently shot his cum. He let off from me and the 2nd guy started to facefuck me while the cum oozes out of my cunt. But he also wanted into my cunt. Hard he fucked me up and when the other guy had finally found the camera, he gave me a brutal and fiercely facial cumshot and let me back. *Extreme Roleplay*

Speech Output: German

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Comments (34)

djperverso wrote 11 Monate ago:

die absolut geilste Bitch all over

Reply from Laila-Banx:
dankeschön :)

igooorr wrote 1 Jahr ago:

geil weiter so bestes video

Reply from Laila-Banx:
dankeschön :)

vasyl wrote 1 Jahr ago:

Very cool video! Laila is so seductive & erotic ^_^

Reply from Laila-Banx:
oh thank you honey :)

tay19 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

kleine geile sau einfach heiß

Reply from Laila-Banx:
dankeschön :)

googit wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Nach über einem Jahr Abstinenz durch Freundin musst ich den Clip nochmal schauen und bin immer noch total fertig, so heftig musste ich dabei spritzen. zum 2. mal heute. Danke Laila!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
oh na da freu ich mich ja, dass du wieder bei mir gelandet bist und ich dir so ein Intensives Wichserlebnis bescheren konnte hihi :)

kazu wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Wonderful Video. I totally like that emo style. Also very hot how you get banged by these two guys. Please do more rough roleplaying games like this.

Reply from Laila-Banx:
Thank you. I will do in the future :)

emyk5i9 wrote 3 Jahre ago:

Why they didnt fuck you together?

Reply from Laila-Banx:
thats my little secret :)

charonsixx wrote 3 Jahre ago:

You walk into any place looking that way, no men will be able to control themselves.

Reply from Laila-Banx:
haha, maybe thats the goal?^^

big_ll wrote 3 Jahre ago:

Als emo girl sieht sie einfach super aus

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe danke :)

emilerx13 wrote 3 Jahre ago:

It''s in stuff like this I wish you had just one or some videos in english but still so amazing :-O

Reply from Laila-Banx:
maybe in the future I will do some Clips in english only :)

crazyangelika wrote 3 Jahre ago:

Super geil ins Gesicht gespritzt. Weiter so!!!!!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
dankööööö :*

kaintabu wrote 4 Jahre ago:

einfach nur geil

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehehe :P
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