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Facialized #1 - Fuck-Lesson with 2 unrestrained Cunts!

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Running time: 10:53 Minutes

Mr. Cumalot has read an article about a fuck school today. As he thought about it again his imagination began to go crazy. Suddenly a sexy teacher with a totally hot student appeared next to him. The hot teacher took the initiative because she wanted to show her student how to fuck. She grabbed the dick of Mr. Cumalot and began to suck eagerly. His boner became harder and harder and he enjoyed the messy teacher's blowjob. Now she leaned on the table and he pushed his hard-blown cock deep in her tight pussy. He drove greedily into her pussy hole and when he was about to take off she stopped him. The fucking with the teacher was only a demonstration for the somewhat shy student. The horny teacher asked the hot teeny girl to fuck with Mr. Cumalot and disappeared. The cute Hentai Teen has however very well taken care and immediately began to blow the cock which was previously in the teacher's cunt. Willing and wide-legged she sat down in front of him on the table and enjoyed it, how his fat dick fucked her pussy. He slammed her from the front and back and let her suck her pussy juice from his cock. Then she saddled up for an unrestrained ride on his lance until she got her orgasm with loud moaning. After the intense ride, he also could not hold back and jerked her a fat load of sperm in the face. He enjoyed the sight and suddenly the fully jerked on student slut disappeared ...

Speech Output: German

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charonsixx wrote 5 Monate ago:

Only 8 comments? U know luv. U really should come to los angeles. We appreciate a woman like you. All day and night long.

Reply from Laila-Banx:
Yeah sadly not everyone gives me feedback to my clips :)

wolfhengst wrote 11 Monate ago:

Sehr geil..die süße Leila im Doppelpack is wohl der schönste Dreier den man sich vorstellen kann...ich hätte auch gern etwas Nachhilfeunterricht :)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe danke danke, freut mich sehr :)

midge64 wrote 11 Monate ago:

...wie zuhause :-)

Reply from Laila-Banx:

flagmaster wrote 11 Monate ago:

solche fantasien sind geil :) ach wenn sowas auch bei mir klappen würde :) eine geile lehrerin und eine hentai teenyschülerin durchnehmen zu können wäre schon was geiles ;)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe, für sowas sind Fantasien ja da :P

kanzler wrote 11 Monate ago:

endlich wieder ein geiles facial. klasse. wo kann man sich in der Fickschule anmelden? :)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
danke mein Süsser. Die Adresse musst du schon selbst rausfinden :D
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