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Cum Typhoon - 24 extreme Facials

Running time: 15:45 Minutes

I totally like it if the jizz shoots really kinky in my mug, so I have chosen 24 of my hottest Cum-Faces for you. Of course there are shown only the thickest Facials from my videos so enjoy it how the hot cock-snot glues my eyes and drips from my nose and chin. If there is the one or the other Facial that you like so much that you want to see the complete videos of, simply ask me for the video title and I will tell you! :)

Speech Output: German

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Comments (16)

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lollo99 wrote 6 Monate ago:

nice loads, lucky man

Reply from Laila-Banx:
thx :)

deeznutz1 wrote 10 Monate ago:

hot as hell ;) love those facials

Reply from Laila-Banx:
thank you :)

xtaeyo wrote 1 Jahr ago:

Hot Cumpilation very nice

Reply from Laila-Banx:
thank you :)

smille wrote 1 Jahr ago:

I love these facials. Rarely seen such a fully covered face like yours. Some Girls do Bukkake to get so much cum but you get it from only one dick, that´s awesome. Keep it up!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe thank you. I will do :)

gooprince wrote 1 Jahr ago:

Besser geht es nicht, nicht aufhören!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
ich hör niemals auf :D

midge64 wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Das beste deutsche Sperma-Face im web!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
huii danke :)

klausi wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Boah was hab ich gespritzt zu deinen geilen Spermafressen. Ich muss jetzt erstmal hier sauber machen. Hammer Süsse, deine Facials sind einfach die geilsten überhaupt :-)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehehe, so muss das sein. Freut mich sehr, dass es dir so gut gefallen hat :)

giveumycum wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Hot Cumpilation babe!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
thank you Honey :)
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