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Condom bursted! Am I pregnant now?

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Running time: 5:44 Minutes

I have a Job as Babysitter in this family for a very long time and with the time the money was to less for me so I started to have phone sex while babysitting. So I did on this evening but at the moment I had a kinky phone call the man was coming home because he had forget his wallet. He caught me of course and was really mad about it.If he will tell this to his wife I will lost my job. But I knew exactly how I will bring him to remain silent because there is nothing wrong with a hot fuck when the wife is not at home. I sucked his dick hard and gave him a condom because I don't took the pill. He banged me really horny in my cunt and I came intense because of hios deep hits. When he also came and took his dick out of my pussy he recognized that the condom has bursted and his cum was swimming deep inside of my cunt. But he didn't cared about it, because he put the used condom on my butt and while the cum was dripping out of my cunt he leaved.

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Comments (8)

fatballsontour wrote 1 Monat ago:

Ich würde dir am liebsten jedes deiner Löcher lecken, bis du zuckend vor mir liegst und vor Geilheit nicht mehr kannst

Reply from Laila-Banx:
mmhh das klingt ja richtig verlockend :)

troy wrote 1 Monat ago:

hat der soviel Druck in den Eiern gehabt? der hat das Gummi ja regelrecht zerfetzt, geil!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hahaha, ja ich glaub er hat die Ladung einfach durch das Kondom durchgeschossen :D

smille wrote 1 Monat ago:

That the condom burst is understandable because cum always wants to yu not in a condom :-D

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hahaha that would it be :)

kanzler wrote 1 Monat ago:

Geile schweinerei wie dass Fötzchen geflutet wird.;)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
ohjaa, damit hab ich gar nicht gerechnet :D
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