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Brother pounded my Cunt while our Parents are sleeping!!!

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Running time: 8:45 Minutes

Early in the morning I came home from a party and wanted to go to bed. When I came to my room I saw my brother lying in my bed watching a porno. When I took the blanket from him, I saw his boner. Since only losers were at the party, this hard belt came just right for me. But he did not want to, because our parents slept next door. But with a bit of tricking I finally convinced him. I then gave him a blowjob and when I showed him how wet my pussy already is, he absolutely wanted to fuck me. Pretty deep he dipped his hard cock in me. We changed the position and he fucked me really unrestrained. He seemed to like pleasing the pussy of his sister. When he then nailed me really hard from behind, I cheer on him to not stop. He fucked me so kinky that it loudly clapped and I loudly came to orgasm. Then I grabbed his cock and jerked the sperm out of his balls. His balls were apparently filled until maximum, because the cum was sticking everywhere ... in my face, in my hair and also my bed was really dirty.

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Comments (4)

crazyangelika wrote 4 Monate ago:

Herrlich! Was für ein tolles Spermagesicht!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
vielen Dank :)

kanzler wrote 5 Monate ago:

Bei deinem glitschigen Fötzchen kann man dich herrlich durchficken. Und wieder die Spermaflut, göttlich.;)😘

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe du scheinst die Spermaflut genauso zu lieben wie ich :D
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