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Anal Cuckold! Look into my Assfuck-Orgasm Face

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Running time: 3:20 Minutes

Hey Cucki, I know how much you like to watch when other guys fuck me, but today I'll go one better. I have extra stretched my asshole before my Fuck Date, because today you will look all the time into my face, while a potent stallion bangs my asshole. Enjoy how I get totally horny with every inch he sunk in my ass and I slowly fall into ecstasy. I know, you would like to fuck me sometimes anal, but I do that only with other men. His thick cock fills my tight asshole right and I want him to fuck me really hard in the ass. Sometimes fast and then slowly he lets his cock slide into my ass. Oh my god, the ass fucker brings me to an extreme orgasm. Look in my eyes... you see how they radiate with lust. I moan loud and hefty and at the same moment I feel the guy pumping his cum in my ass. Oh man, that was a horny ass fuck.

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