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Anal 4 Friends - Sunk deeply in the Ass

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Running time: 5:42 Minutes

When I wanted to go to a Party with my buddy he was totally turned on of my outfit...especially of my tiny luscious ass. He told me that he would like to fuck anal but his girlfriend does not want this at all. I know him very long and I would be really sorry if he could never have the experience of a hot ass fuck, so I offered him a nasty assfuck with me. Of course he was there immediately. I opened the zipper of my wetlook leggings and stretched out my ass. He pushed his cock really deep into my asshole and fucked me totally horny doggy anal. Ass to Mouth we went on with a juicy blowjob. Then I sat down on him and sank his thick cock deep in my tight asshole. In spoon he fucked me through anal until I got a kinky orgasm. Cum greedy as I am I knelt in front of him and waited for him to jizz on me. From the ass fucking really horny he shot me an insane fat load of cum in the middle of my face, so that I did not get my eyes open any more.

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Comments (29)

sabreone wrote 6 Monate ago:

Bei so einem extrem geilen Arsch, gilt immer noch eine Vorgehensweise: Anpack/versohlen, anknabbern, reinstecken bis zum Anschlag. ;)
Wieder ein Video, bei dem man vor Neid anlaufen könnte! ;)
-das man nicht an (/in) den Hintern darf... ;) ;)
Nichts desto trotz: Wie immer sehr, sehr geil!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hihi vielen lieben Dank :)

niceman07 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

very hot video. loved it all! :)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
thank you :)

bullet4987 wrote 1 Jahr ago:

Sexy as always, love the tight pants almost as much as Iove something else thats tight ;)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe thank you very much honey :)

niceman07 wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Fantastic video again. keep up the up the quality content :)

Reply from Laila-Banx:
Thank you I will give my very best to do so :)

thyno wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Wie immer ein mega geiles Video! Da steht mein Ständer von anfang an, damn wie gern würde ich in dein Genuß kommen und deine heißen Löcher ficken und deinen wunderschönen und heißen Körper und dein bezauberndes Gesicht vollspritzen

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hihi danke mein Süsser :) Freut mich dass es dir so gut gefallen hat :)

gete76 wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Was für ein geiler Fickarsch!!! Den würde ich gerne auch hart ficken!!!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe du bist ja eine kleine Sau :P

riruka_lover wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Oh my god such a beautiful girl with a butt that is hot as fire lets herself bang in the ass. thats what I am dreaming of every day. can''t get enough of your tight backdoor. Pls more of it and I also would like to see some harder anal vids from you because you''re doing well cutie.

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe thank you :) Maybe I will do a harder one in the future so stay tuned :)

davebozz wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Hast mich auf deiner seite :D Kaum gelesen das du hier neuen Analclip drin hast gleich gejoint! Wie immer herrlich anzuschauen! Bitte bitte mehr

Reply from Laila-Banx:
na das freut mich dass du hier her gefunden hast :) Hier verpasst du definitiv kein Analvideo mehr von mir :)

winni2880 wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Süsser arsch da möcht ich auch mal ran

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hihi du kleine Sau :)

charonsixx wrote 2 Jahre ago:

If you havent been asked yet. I want to purchase the pants your wearing. You make them look incredible luv!

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hehe. I have also some pants in my shop. Just have a look :)

wolfhengst wrote 2 Jahre ago:

Sehr sehr geiler knack Arsch, bei dem Angebot kann man nicht nein sagen :))

Reply from Laila-Banx:
hihi vielen leiben Dank Tommy :)
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