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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the membership on completely free?
Yes, the membership on is absolutely free!

Are there any subscriptions or financial obligarions?
No, the membership on will always be free for you!



How much are Credits and how do I charge it?
The conversion of the credit is: 100 Credits = 1 Euro. On you can charge your credit account with the following payment methods:

  • Creditcard

  • Online banking

  • Phone Payment

  • Bank Debit/Direct Debit

  • Wire transfer

  • Paysafecard

A Deposit of me has been canceled, do I now lose all my purchased Videos?
Not immediately. If a deposit of you has been canceled, you should catch up as soon as possible to compensate for the amount incl. cancellation fees. If this is not done within 7 days you will lose all purchased contents of this canceled deposit. Your Account will be locked until the payment has been catched up. With multiple Cancellation is assumed intent, this can lead to the permanent suspension of your account.



Can I download purchased videos of Nasse-Laila?
Yes, you have to unlock the Video Download Feature in my Shop! You can find it here

One or more purchased video will not play. What now?
This problem is mostly related to the settings of your device!
Try the following solutions:

  • Update Flashplayer, Java and Browser to the latest version!
  • Try it in another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera)!
  • Disable browser plugins (Flash Downloader, VCR, ad blockers, etc.)!
  • Check the settings of your antivirus program!
  • Check the settings of your firewall!
  • Check your anti-virus program to potential parental controls!
  • Test it on another device, if available!

How often can I view my purchased videos of Laila-Banx?
You can watch purchased videos of Laila-Banx as many times as you like,

  • Videos were removed for technical reasons!
  • A payment from you has been canceled!
  • Your account has been locked!
  • Your account would be deleted!

One or more purchased videos are gone. What now?
The purchase of a video is no lifetime warranty on availability of the video. The purchase only guaranteed availability on day of purchase. Videos are generally removed for technical reasons only to prevent purchases of faulty video (not playable, conversion errors, etc.). A refund of credits for deleted videos is possible up to 7 days after purchase! Support queries in this regard should be sent through the contact form. Refund requests that are sent outside of the grace period, remain unanswered.



How do I pay Shop Items?
If you have added a product to the shopping cart, you go to checkout and you can pay it there!!!

What payment options do I have in the shop?
As methods of payment there are credit card and Online Banking available!!!

Can I pay with Credits in the Shop?
Only in exceptional cases. Please write in this regard a support mail or private message to me.

I want something of Laila-Banx, that is not listed in the shop?
Just write a Private Message and we will see if I could grant your wish!!!

My orderd product is faulty. What should I do?
Please write a support message and describe the defect. Of course you get a replacement.

My item is has not been delivered. What should I do?
Please write a support message.

How do I receive my Custom Video?
You will receive your Custom Video as a Downloadlink. For this it´s required that you enter your complete address at the ordering process otherwise you can´t receive your product.


Coupon Codes

Where do I get a Coupon Code?
There are several possibilities to get a Coupon Code for

- New members sometimes I give a Coupon Code, which only is briefly valid
- there is a Coupon Promotion, then you can find the Code in the News
- I send you a Newsletter with a Coupon Code, therefore you shouldn´t unsubscribe
- on various Partnersites on the web you can find some Coupon Codes

Where do I enter the Coupon Code?
If the coupon code is linked to a credit charge, just click on "Charge Account" and then select your preferred method of payment. Now an input field for a coupon code appears. Once you have this entered correctly, you will reach the checkout process. After successfully charging and properly enter the coupon code in the bonus will be credited to your account.

Is the Coupon code not linked to a credit charge, just click on Settings and then on the Voucher tab. Just enter the right coupon code and the bonus will be credited to your account.

How long are Coupon Codes valid?

There are various types of Coupon Codes:

Time-limited Coupon Codes:
- these Coupons are only valid for a specific time or to a specific date
Limited Coupon Codes:
- these Coupons are limited to a low Number of Items - rewarded will be, who is quickly
Permanent Coupon Codes:
- these Coupons usually are valid permanently and without limiations

Do I have to charge a certain amount of credits to redeem a code?
Yes and No!!! Here are 3 possibilities:

Coupon Code linket to a Credit Charge without minimum deposit:
- these Coupons you can redeem, no matter how much Credits you charge
Coupon Code linked to a Credit Charge with minimum deposit:
- these Coupons you can only redeem, if you have charged the minimum deposit
Coupon Code not linked to a Credit Charge:
- these Coupons you just simply redeem

Where can I find the amount of the minimum deposit for a Coupon?
If you have found a Coupon Code on , the amount of the minimum deposit is written directly as a note to the Coupon Code. This also applies to Coupons, which you´ll become from my Newslettter or in a Private Message. If you have found a Coupon Code on one of my partnersites, please look there if a minimum deposit is stated. If this isn´t so, there is no minimum deposit for this Coupon.

What bonusses do I get if I´ve entered a Coupon Code?
Which bonus is hidden behind a Coupon Code, usually is written directly as a note to the Coupon Code.
Coupon Code Video:
- You will get a Video for free, which you can find in your orders
Coupon Code Credits:
- You will get Free Credits, which you can spend everywhere on
Coupon Code Picture Gallery
- You will get a Picture Gallery for free, which you can find in your orders



Who can I contact if I have errors or problems?
Use the Contact Form or write Laila-Banx a Private Message!

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